I had to back up some data from my cellphone last night, and downloaded (as usual) FMA (floAt’s Mobile Agent).

Too bad it hasn’t been updated or maintained for over 3 years. Still, it’s the best open source SonyEricsson software “out there”. Well, at least IMHO.

Will they ever continue developing FMA, I wonder? I sure hope so!

Info from FMA’s homepage:

– Stable release FMA 2.0, based on current stable (Jan 2005) – Done
– Localization support and bugfixes for FMA 2.1 beta 2 (1Q 2005) – Done
– Final bugfixes mostly, few new features FMA 2.1 beta 3 (2Q 2005) – Done
– Bugfixes and few new features FMA 2.1 beta 4 K610/K790 (1Q 2007) – Done
– Stable release FMA 2.2, no new features, based on beta 4 (4Q 2007) – Stalled…

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